I love Yoga and have practiced for some years, however nothing compares to Yogi Mary. She has combined an active, flow practice with common sense mindfulness and a soulful approach to yoga and life. Words like awesome,amazing don't do her justice - it's a self liberating experience to be part of her Yoga Family!
Susan C.

For anyone that hopes to get the absolute purest meaning out of their yoga practice, they have to take a class with Mary (the yoga doctor) Rosi.  Mary has an amazing calm and relaxing demeanor and she instinctively knows what the class needs each and every time.  She opens her class with a topic that covers anything from Love to dealing with anxiety and offers a short story that hits all the right notes.  Her practice is original and she does not give into mainstream yoga, she keeps it real.  I am blessed to have taken her practice for over 8 years and would be lost without her!  I hope you have the opportunity to experience Yoga Mary...

With all my love, Laurie R

Yoga Mary is the most talented, knowledgeable and committed yoga teacher I know.  Her Her talent is expressed in how she connects with the individuals in her classes as well as how she leads the group as a whole.  She has a knack for making everyone feel special and seen while, at the same time, intuitively guiding the class through postures that always feel like exactly what you need in that moment.  She is more knowledgeable about the philosophy and underpinnings of yoga than most teachers.  During class, she masterfully sprinkles in wisdom derived from the ancient teachings of the practice; it’s never too much, always succinct, insightful and true to the moment. Mary is both totally down to earth and incredibly wise all at the same time, and she brings out the best in her students because of it.  Lastly, she is committed to the whole student.  She is everyone’s teacher on and off of the mat.  I believe she embodies the true spirit of a yogi and that energy fills anyone who is lucky enough to be her student.  

Kathryn B.

I have been doing yoga for over 5 years now and can say without a doubt that  Yoga Mary is the best yoga teacher I have ever had …. She challenges us  to do the best we can and also brings our mind, body and spirit  to a place as one… Her music is always amazing and it  brings me to the mat with gratitude and peace! Thank you Mary….

Louise Tropiano


I have been taking Yoga Mary's  yoga classes for several years.  Mary is by far the BEST yoga instructor I have had the pleasure to practice with.  Her music, incredible energy and the flow of her practice are simply amazing.  Attending Mary’s Vinyasa flow class is the highlight of my week! 
Debbie Simon

Mary’s vinyasa classes are invigorating and inspiring. Great for the body and mind!
Mary’s Yin class has a nice twist with some initial slow movement and nice long yin poses, with a very relaxing meditation at the end. Love that class!

Jill Smith

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